Our services are all about software.

We focus on software design and development with a wide variety of MCU so you don’t have to. Spent your time for the next big things.

Supported MCU family


Low-power, versatile, 8/16/32-bit MCUs for embedded applications.


ARM-based, high-performance MCUs with rich peripheral options.


ARM Cortex-M MCUs known for performance and diverse peripherals.


Wi-Fi & Bluetooth-enabled MCUs, popular for IoT applications.

Our services,

Software Requirement & Architecture

Specify software requirement using Requirement Management Tool (RMT), traceable to software design documents, artifacts and test results. All documentation are ready with a click of a button.

Application Software

Our ready-made HAL, BSP and OSAL made the application software development less trivial. Always deliver software with unit tested, adhere to coding standard and MISRA conformance.

Sensor & Device Driver

Endless device drivers can be developed at fast-paced with our well-tested HAL and BSP. Motor control, graphics, sensors, radios, and more!

Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)

Our generic HAL layer supports a comprehensive configuration of MCU peripherals. We can customised your own HAL interface following specified coding standard.

Board Support Package (BSP)

We have defined, well-tested, comprehensive documentation and example BSPs for Microchip PIC-series, NXP LPC-series and ESP32-series ready to be adopted.

OS Abstraction Layer (OSAL)

We have experience and best development practices for both RTOS and bare metal software. Ready-made OSAL for FreeRTOS available for integration with any chipset.

Software Training

Training for embedded software requirement, architecture, real-time software modelling, software testing, automated software verification, continuous integration & deployment, and more.


2-hour gratis consultation for any embedded software related. Be it software design, development best practice, test methodologies, or deployment.

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