Our services are all about software.

We focus on software design and development with a wide variety of MCU so you don’t have to. Spent your time for the next big things.

Supported MCU family


Wide experience MCU historically for most of our projects.


Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in single SoC. Less BOM to be worried.


Comprehensive development kit supported by vendors.


Wide selection of device package can support variety of application.

We can help you for..

Software Architecture

Years of experience from our developers together with proper software architecture software, you can count on us for this.

Hardware Abstraction (HAL)

Our common HAL layer has been tested and proven to work for ESP32, NXP, Arduino and many more MCUs.

OS Abstraction (OSAL)

OS abstraction for FreeRTOS, MicriumOS, SafeRTOS framework is ready to be adapted for your projects. Ensuring maintenability.

Device Firmware

Devices firmware is important factor to future-proofed software. We have tested and working libraries for GPS, WiFi and BLE ready to deploy.

Application Software

We have experience in deploying embedded software application for autonomous, automotive and automation systems.

CI/CD Infrastructure

Continuous integration & deployment ensure code quality, prevent bugs and systematic software release. We have all these tools ready.

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