Our services are all about software.

We focus on software design and development with a wide variety of MCU so you don’t have to. Spent your time for the next big things.

Supported MCU family


Low-power, versatile, 8/16/32-bit MCUs for embedded applications.


ARM-based, high-performance MCUs with rich peripheral options.


ARM Cortex-M, high-performance and diverse peripherals.

Software Requirement, Architecture & Design

Specify the software requirements with the Requirement Management Tool (RMT), traceable to software design documents, artifacts and test results. Software documentation runs parallel to development.

Application Software

Our pre-built HAL, BSP and OSAL make application software development less trivial. Always deliver software with unit tests, adhere to coding standards and MISRA compliance.

Sensor & Device Driver

Countless device drivers can be developed in a very short time with our proven HAL and BSP. Motor control, graphics, sensors, radios and more!

Hardware Abstraction Layer

Our generic HAL layer supports a comprehensive configuration of MCU peripherals. We can customize your own HAL interface according to a specific coding standard.

Board Support Package

We have defined, well-tested with comprehensive documentation and ready-made BSPs for the Microchip PIC series and NXP LPC series that can be used immediately.

OS Abstraction Layer

We have experience and best development practices for both RTOS and bare-metal software. Pre-built OSAL for FreeRTOS available for integration with any chipset.

Software Training

Training for embedded software requirements, architecture, real-time software modeling, software testing, automated software verification, continuous integration and deployment, and more.


2-hour free consultation on all topics related to embedded software. Be it software design, best development practices, test methods or deployment.

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