Our services are all about software.

We focus on software design and development with a wide variety of MCU.

Supported MCU family


Entry-level 8/16/32-bit MCU. Excellent for medium level complexity.


Comprehensive development environment supported by vendors.


Wide selection of device package can support variety of application.

What's we offer

Software Architecture

The most important phase that determine project success and deployment within time for software development.

Hardware Abstraction (HAL)

The most important layer that interface with peripherals and communications such as GPIO, SPI, CAN and Ethernet.

OS Abstraction (OSAL)

A lot of things can be improved when using an OS to control tasks and messages within MCU for example: control system & sensor reading.

Component Firmware

Component and sensor modules firmware is important factor to manageable application software for future changes.

Application Software

Time, budget and software delivery timeline can be improved with our in-house highly experienced software engineers.

CI/CD Infrastructure

Continuous integration & development can improve code quality and prevent broken code from pollute development branch.