About Us


Software company that focuses on the design, development and infrastructure of embedded systems.

Our Team

Embedded software engineers with years of professional experience in the automotive and aerospace industry for companies in Europe, Middle East, USA, and Asia.

Our Mission

Provide software development services for companies without in-house developers. Save cost and effectiveness.

What We Do

Active Lines of Code (LOC)

Our story,

TH Muda Engineering was founded in 2012 at the southernmost state of Malaysia. We started as engineering solution provider in industrial automation for research institute and private companies, making customized embedded system, integration with industrial PLC mainly used for research purposes. Until 2019, we pivot from engineering solution provider into embedded software-centric solution. The motivation for us to make this changes is due to growing demand of embedded system and software solution in the era of Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Embedded software development, good practice, code quality, deployment and maintenance often overlook especially for growing company that has different priority other than getting an excellent software development team, hopefully for good reason. That is where we come in!! We loved to preach, practice and teach others how to make a high quality, maintainable code, having good practice for embedded software development.

Proactively, while adhering to international coding standard for embedded C/C++ programming languages, we also defined our own coding guidelines, software design and implementation for reusable component that is generic for other companies able to adopt them seamlessly for better software stack, especially for Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Board Support Package (BSP), Operating System Asbtraction Layer (OSAL), reusable framework, control algorithm and several device drivers.

Our strength is more into platforming, providing stable, well-thought, fully tested software package (HAL, BSP, OSAL, framework, device drivers and more) for the other company to focus more into building the application program for their end-customer.

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