GM08 Gaussmeter offer sophisticated measuring functions in a simple, menu driven, hand-held package. It is designed for factory floor, on site and laboratory measurement of magnetic flux Density and Magnetic Field Strength in SI or CGS.

The GM08 features all of the functions of the GM07 plus an interface to provide RS232 and USB communication for uploading measurement data to a host computer. The GM08 can also be remotely controllable via this link. A full driver suit is available as an optional extra. This includes sample programs with full source code (Microsoft Visual C++ .NET) for the 2000 operating system, XP and later. A Labview ¹ VI is included. Linux is also supported.The  GM08 also incorporates a non volatile memory to enable the retention of stored values even when switched off. The GM08 also includes a time keeping device to record the time data is stored and an external DC power supply socket for bench top applications.

The GM07/08 has a number of utilities options allowing the operator to disable or select various times for the automatic Power Down.  Also resetting routines can be selected. The GM07/08 also has the facility to operate its menu structure in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The GM07/08 is calibrated to standards traceable to the National Physical Laboratories. During manufacture, the accuracy of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is used to determine the irregularities and none- conformities of the GM07/08 and its Hall Probe. This is stored and used mathematically to automatically correct readings taken by the GM07/08.

Measurement Units
The GM07/08 can measure magnetic flux density or magnetic field strength. The menu system enables the operator to easily choose between Tesla, Amps/m (SI Units), Gauss or Oersted (CH units).

The GM08 is ideal for inspection and measurement of magnetic flux density of magnets and magnetic assemblies in both goods inward and Quality Assurance environments. Where individual measurements need to be recorded the GM08 will store and upload not only the measured values, polarity, measurement units and measurement function, but also the time at which the measurement was taken. Applications  include:

• Computer Disk Drive Actuators
• Loudspeaker Air Gaps
• Electric Motor air gaps (including  pancake  and  Permanent Magnets)
• Transformer Stray Field measurements
• Magnetiser and Demagnetiser Field measurements
• Bending Magnets
• Non-DestructiveTesting (Magnetic)
• Goods inward and Quality Assurance Inspection
• Automated magnet calibration

Hirst Magentics GM08 Gaussmeter Manual
Hirst Magentics GM08 Gaussmeter Datasheet

Operating Voltage 4 Units of 1.5V Alkaline AA Battery
Display LCD Graphics Display Monochrome
Features Transverse Hall Probe, Zero Flux Chamber and a Carry Case
Frequency DC and 15Hz to 10KHz
Operating Unit Tesla, Gauss, Amps/m, Oersted
Dimension 175 mm (L) x 89 mm (W) x 40 mm (H)
Weight 430 g (not including probe)

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Hirst Magnetics, GM08 Gaussmeter

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